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The Logan BrailleCoach™
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educational tag set  including NY district 75’s  GIVE ME TWENTY  vocabulary
The ProxTalker App
Logan using the Logan ProxTalker communication device

LOGAN® PROXTALKER® communication device – independent verbal picture communication ANYWHERE! Robust and easy to use it brings words to pictures at the touch of a button.

Logan using the Logan ProxTalker communication device

LOGAN® ProxPAD™ choice maker - a swipe or touch of a tag supports active communication choices for users with access difficulties and visual impairment.

Logan using the Logan ProxTalker communication device

LOGAN® BrailleCoach™ teaching device - encourages and supports independent learning of grade 1 into grade 2 Braille for teachers and students.

Click on the videos below to the LOGAN® PROXTALKER® being used.

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See Logan use the ProxTalker®!
There are just some things you cannot do with an iPad - 3 mins to be convinced including ProxTalker® vs Dodgetruck!

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ProxPAD™ Choice Maker in action
See a student who is non-verbal and visually impaired says a complete sentence using the ProxPAD™ Choice Maker, a sentence strip & tactile symbols.

ProxTalker® App
ProxTalker® App Lite, Plus and Professional now available in iTunes. The easy and fun way to create communication boards on the move. Use it to build 'real life' LOGAN® PROXTALKER® and ProxPAD™ resources.